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Welcome to Mountain Biking Holidays

Island Holidays has been catering for water-enthusiasts for over 18 years and more recently Mountain enthusiasts too.

There are some exciting and adventurous spots for Mountain Biking and we will endeavour to give you information and advice to make your journey as pleasurable and hassle free as possible. We have focussed on the most popular destinations in Canada and the USA, but do not hesitate to contact us with any other options. Basically - wherever you would like to go ... we can get you there!

Some of the ski resorts have taken note of the growing popularity of Mountain Biking and have invested in producing top quality Mountain Biking trails for guests to use and enjoy when staying with them. We have a list of destinations which offer Mountain Biking for guests - so please contact us with an enquiry if you are wondering.

All airlines have luggage restrictions and certain airlines aren't sports gear friendly, but some airlines are. In most cases you’ll possibly be up for additional sporting fees to carry your Bike, standard weight restrictions start from 23kg per bag. Island Holidays has great relationships with most of the airlines to help organise taking your bikes with you. We also have a range of contacts where you can hire top of the line gear while your away too.

If you scroll through the Mountain pages on our web site you’ll find an outline of most (but nowhere near all) of the destinations (with rough guide to prices) that we offer.

Whether you're after downhill, cross country, all mountain, freeride or jumps we have something for everyone- from the advanced to the beginner.