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Mountain Holidays in Chile

Chile is a unique ski destination with a range of Mountain resorts located up in the Beautiful Andes which stretch down the Western Coast of most of South America. Chile is a great destination for a ski or snowboard holidays as you can combine powder skiing with an interesting culture.

Chile has around 20 ski resorts located in the southern half of the country. The most northern resort is Portillo, which is 164km northeast of Santiago, and not far from the border of Argentina. Portillo ski resort is world renowned, and is recognized in photos by the distinctive yellow Hotel Portillo set amongst the Beautiful backdrop of the snow covered Andes. The Andes is the second highest mountain range in the world, and it’s still rising. The Average snowfall in Chile is around 6-7 meters. The ski season in Chile is the same as here in NZ(June-October).

The lift systems at the Chile ski resorts are generally not very good, especially when compared to USA and Canada. If you are looking at going undertake a good pre-holiday fitness regime, as your quads won’t get much rest on all those surface tows (although they will get a long rest on the slow chairlifts). The upside of the lack of quality is the lower cost.

Portillo is our chosen ski Resort in Chile as it is close to Santiago making the trip quicker and also the facilities are better closer to Santiago. Portillo is an all inclusive ski holiday with packages offer flights, transfers, accommodation, all meals and ski passes.